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If you’re concerned about student fees, the cuts to OSAP, and the difficult position students are being put in just to afford university, we want to hear from you. Tuition was reduced by 10% this year. However cuts to OSAP, including a much higher ratio of student financial aid as an interest bearing loan, rather than a non-repayable grant, will result in many (if not most) students’ costs being higher over the long term. We encourage you to take action and help us advocate on your behalf to make university more affordable, without having to impact the valuable services offered by students unions.

You have the power to make a difference.

Our #ChooseStudentLife campaign aims to encourage students who are able to afford their student fees to stay opted-in, while also informing students of the value that MSU services have at McMaster so people can make an informed decision. Have your voice heard by clicking the following buttons which will take you to: a Google Drive folder with all of the #ChooseStudentLife graphics, an MSU website page encouraging students to write letters to the government of Ontario about the OSAP cuts, and the Registrar’s website with more information about the Student Choice Initiative, respectively.


Ask us anything.

All questions entered into this field will be sent directly to Josh Marando, the MSU President, as well as the Board of Directors. The MSU will be hosting 4 transparency tabling days on September 12th, 16th (Mills Plaza), 17th (JHE Lobby), and 19th (MUSC Atrium). This is an opportunity to learn more about your student fees and to ask any questions you have to your elected representatives!

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