In January, the provincial government announced the 'Student Choice Initiative'.

The McMaster Students Union (MSU) manages approximately three dozen student-oriented services, while simultaneously providing political representation on behalf of undergraduate students, to all levels of government. Due to the Student Choice Initiative, many aspects of what the MSU offers to students will become financially optional, via Mosaic from September 12 - 20. This change may result in the elimination of services and the loss of advocacy efforts provided to McMaster students.


 We, the McMaster Students Union, encourage students to


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The MSU aims to fill the gaps in the student experience,

through governance, advocacy, and service provision. Money collected through the single MSU fee is allocated by student leaders, monitored by professional accounting staff, and audited by experts on an annual basis, across approximately three dozen operations. These services include:


The MSU is the voice of the students, and students have the power to change the world. Students, through the MSU, have:


This September, choose student life to allow students to continue improving the McMaster experience.


Our promise to students: we will continue operating all MSU services for the 2019-2020 school year.

However, the future of student life may look vastly different.

The MSU may have to change its service model to a pay-per-service model, including increased ticket prices to events, a reduction in services offered to students, and an overall decrease in student life initiatives, based on opt-out rates. You have the power to stop this from happening. This fall, choose student life and ensure the best possible student experience.


Make an informed decision.

Financial transparency is a core value of the MSU, and we want to make it even clearer for students as to where their money is going and how it is being spent. See a detailed breakdown of the how the MSU allocates student money and discover which of your student fees are optional below.


Take action. Join the conversation. Stay opted-in.